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Ortec Digital Pte Ltd (ROC 200103752W) is a premier storage solutions company for over 25 years..  We provide recording and duplicating solutions and services that assist businesses to manage their information and media while they concentrate on their own core activities.  Our major goal is to keep integrating new and emerging technology and products into our existing line of products that will ease the hassle of archiving and manufacture of discs recording media.

We have our roots in a company, which was founded in the 1980s.  That company has evolved from a trading background dealing with all kinds of storage devices to what we are today.  Backed by a team with years of data storage & optical disc experience, we at ORTEC DIGITAL are fully committed to providing quick turnaround, reliable and tested products with full after sale service and support.

Today, whether you have a need for a personal optical disc burner, a high end multi discs duplicator for your office network or simply want to outsource your discs copying needs to avoid the hassle of producing multiple copies, you can get them from ORTEC DIGITAL knowing that all your requirements will be met with the most value add.  All products offered are fully tested in house for quality, reliability and compatibility before being made available to ensure customers satisfaction and confidence.  All discs “masters” provided to us for replication are kept securely and with maximum confidentiality to ensure that your company or personal information will not be





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