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Ortec Digital Pte Ltd specializes in high quality CD/DVD/BLU-RAY duplication/replication for DVD9, DVD5, Audio CDs, VideoCDs and Data CDs (most formats supported).  We ensure that the value of the content of your CDs/DVDs is not compromised by poor or careless presentation.  We use only the highest grade CD-Rs/DVD-Rs/BLU-RAY!

Quick Professional CD /DVD /BLU-RAY Duplication & Printing & Layout designing

Duplication and replication are two different methods of reproducing a CD/DVD.  Duplication is the method most of us are familiar with.  Utilizing a laser, data is sequentially written/burned to a CD-R/DVD-R & +R.  Up to 500 copies, CD/DVD duplication becomes a most cost-effective method creating copies of a CD/DVD.  Replication is a manufacturing process where a mold of the data is made and then “stamped” onto blank media.  However, it isn’t cost effective on runs below 1,000 PCs.

Full color printing on low volume CDs/DVDs with low cost ? – No problem!  NO MORE STICKERS! 

DIRECT-TO-DISC INKJET - An excellent method for full color high resolution printing on printable ‘Grade A’ quality CD/DVD/BLU-RAY disc surface.  This method suits low volume printing - generally quantities of up to 500 CDs/DVDs.  It provides a high-quality, 4-colour image printed directly on the face of the discs.  The printed disc image resembles the traditional silkscreen process utilized in higher volume CD/DVD replication.  Print text, logos, graphics, and even photographic images on your CD-Rs/DVD-R,+Rs with stunning results.  Inkjet printing is produced on high quality printable white CD-R/DVD-R/+R surface.

SILKSCREEN/OFFSET PRINTING  - The conventional method for printing mass-produced CDs/DVDS.  Blank CD-R /DVD discs can be silkscreen/offset printed with your design on shiny silver disc surface.  It is a most cost efficient CD production for larger volumes of minimum 1,000 copies.

PACKAGING - Spindles, White Window Sleeves, Slim/Standard CD Jewel Case, DVD Single/Dual Case, Shrink-Wrap AND MORE.



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