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Your CD/DVD/BLU-RAY Duplication Solution & CD/DVD/BLU-RAY Duplication Source! Welcome to ortecdigital.com CD/DVD duplication page, the fastest growing way to make professional colour-printed original CDs/DVDs with low cost.

Individuals and businesses can create and distribute their contents on CDs/DVDs quickly and easily. Many companies require a cost-efficient means of duplicating smaller runs. CD-R , DVD-/+R or BLU-RAYduplication is the Perfect low-volume Solution! Fast and affordable! It provides a way of distributing small quantities of data fast, reliably and cost effectively.

CD/DVD Duplication is not an uncommon thing, nowadays. Today, more and more people are making 'mix discs' with the growing popularity of the CD/DVD/BLU-RAY media. Unfortunately, there are still many who don't have access to CD/DVD/BLU-RAY Duplication equipments. On top of that, your needs may very well exceed those PC installed CD/DVD/BLU-RAY writers. Therefore, you'll need to turn your project over to the professionals.

Need a few dozen discs for your sales team? Have a product launch, conference, seminar or tradeshow in 2 days? Looking for 500 copies? Need 1,000 copies? Somewhere in between?

There is a lack of resources to manage the job. You have little time to make your own. Burning CDs/DVDs/BLU-RAY on PCs is time-consuming. Deciding whether to buy an additional external burner or one that fits into your PC case? Faced with PC and software complexities. Hardware incompatibility. Gets jammed during burning. PC is too slow, multi-tasking, network or interface problems.

It is almost too much for any one person to handle. Don't fret! Call us, we can help! At Ortec Digital, we take care of it all. Relax and let us handle the job as we have the most up-to-date CD-R/DVD-R/BLU-RAY and duplication system technologies available to provide the highest quality, quick turnaround duplication/replication and printing service which you can't get at home.

Our in-house duplication service is Reliable, Quick and SECURE. We provide fast, efficient CD/DVD duplication/replication services using only the highest quality materials. Whether you are ordering 50 or 3,000 discs, you can rest assured that your standards and expectations are met. We ensure that 'ORTEC DIGITAL' is the name you can trust for your media duplication/replication needs. All you should need to do is to make sure that your CDs/DVDs/BLU-RAYs are safely delivered to you on time. So, the only thing you should be worrying about is working on your next project !

CLICK here to find out more about ORTEC's duplication/replication services.

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